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Kumite (sparring) class in actionClass practicing kata

Welcome to, the homepage for TKW Karate

We are a small and friendly English Karate Federation-registered group based in Totton, Hampshire, with classes available for children and adults.

Our training revolves around traditional and competitive Karate, self-defence and general conditioning. Our instructors have many years experience in all these aspects of Karate and an enthusiasm for passing these skills on, whether you are a complete novice or have practised before. We also offer one month of sessions absolutely free, allowing you to see whether Karate is suitable for you or your child before you have to spend any money.

You can find more info about sessions and instructors on the Classes and Instructors pages.

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Meet the instructors: Jamie Jewell

Above: Jamie practicing

Jamie is the chief instructor for TKW. He has over 30 years involvement with the martial arts and has graded to 5th Dan under the JKF Wado-Kai. He has won medals at national and international level, is part of the coaching team for Wado-Kai England and is regularly sought as an instructor and examiner throughout the UK and Europe.

FAQS: What can I expect from a class?

Above: Students practicing kata

Training is split into three sections: Kihon, Kata and Kumite. Following a warm-up to ensure the body is ready for action, classes will consist of one, all or a mix of these methods:

  • Kihon means basics or fundamentals and covers techniques that are the foundations for the rest of Karate training, eg. practicing punches, kicks and blocks.

  • Kata, or form training, takes the basic moves and develops them further, incorporating them in sequences and combinations, moving in various directions and increasing the focus on balance and co-ordination.

  • Kumite translates as grappling hands and revolves around partner training or pairwork. Basic kumite would involve simple attack/defence movements with another student before progressing to free sparring once the appropriate skill and confidence levels are acquired. Dedicated kumite classes run at TKW for students wishing to compete, that focus on the moves and techniques used in Karate tournaments.


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